Israel 2016

Israel 2016
Roman architectural influence in Bet Sean, Israel

Saturday, August 2, 2008

WG08 - Session #4, David Powlison

More fantastic worship this morning! We were led by a group from a Sovereign Grace Church in Philadelphia. They are a great and accomplished group with some amazing vocalists. While leading us through an incredible time of worship, they gave us a timely and practical example of how to work through unexpected difficulties in a set while keeping the focus on Christ and honoring God in all we do.

David Powlison, author and professor at Westminster Theological Seminary, led us through the 4th session this morning. The text he began with was Psalm 23 and the title was “Enduring Trials With the Psalmist”.

Powlison stated that, “The sorrow of the Psalms was prophetic of the sorrow of Jesus, a ‘…man of sorrows’.”
Using Psalm 23, David demonstrated the progression of most Psalms, moving through a period of modulation in which there’s a tension between who God is and where we live our lives. How these two disparate factors connect is what brings perspective and always leads to the point of grace.

In reading through the Psalms, we must: (1) hear and see this progression, (2) Become aware of the amazing complexity and texture of the Psalms, (3) Hear and see the invitation to redemption in each Psalm, (4) See how the Psalms demonstrate the process of putting our specific needs to God’s specific promises and how to appropriate that into our lives.

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