Israel 2016

Israel 2016
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Monday, August 11, 2008

Christ In the Psalms

One of the most fascinating teachings we heard at the Worship God 2008 conference was that you can find Jesus Christ in every one of the Psalms. Indeed, you can find Him in all of Scripture. He is revealed in one of three ways; by promise, by pattern or by prophecy.

The promises are obvious as they are the Word and truth of God applied to the history of mankind. Because they are from God, they either have been fulfilled, are being fulfilled or will be fulfilled. You can see God's promise in Psalm 21:11-13.

You can see God's pattern in Psalm 29. This is similar to the pattern Pastor Bob shared with us a few weeks ago; remember your first love, repent from your evil ways and return to the Lord. The pattern revealed here is the pattern of redemption, the realization of where our salvation comes from and how we are redeemed by the grace of God through the blood of Christ.

God's prophecy is revealed in detail in Psalm 22. This is a clear depiction of the agony of Christ on the cross.

This is all interesting and in some places, the references to Christ are clear. But this teaching has caused me to re-read the Psalms in a different light. As I've begun, from the beginning and read slowly and carefully, I've begun to see Christ in places I would never have seen Him before.

There He is in Psalm 23:3, the One who restores (regenerates, renews) my soul.

Again, I see Him in Psalm 27:5-6 being lifted up high on a rock (Golgatha was a rock). Even as I marvel at this, I see that He is lifting me high on a rock as well, the same rock Jesus said he will build His church on (Matt 16:18), the revelation of Christ as the only Son of God.

The blessing here, is in not stretching and twisting the Psalms to demonstrate something they don't say, but in meditating and reading them slowly until the Holy Spirit begins to show you how perfect God's Word is in revealing His Son to His children.

Try it and see if God doesn't bless you with new insight to the richness and depth of the Bible.

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