Israel 2016

Israel 2016
Roman architectural influence in Bet Sean, Israel

Monday, July 21, 2008

WBF Softball team

We made the finals, which were today. Our team put up a pretty good fight against another, so-called 'church' team.

Actually I suspect they weren't really a church team.

I've never seen a church team pull up in their own individual motorhomes (15 of them!) with 'Nike" written on the side, accompanied by agents, handlers, equipment crews, large ice chests full of Gatorade, someone to press their uniforms if they got wrinkled and people holding palm fronds over their heads so they didn't get overheated.

The game dragged on for hours while our team waited in 100 degree heat for their team to come out of their motorhomes for their at-bats. Apparently they were watching movies on their built in wide Screen TV's while relaxing in their Jacuzzis and had to wait while their fois gras was chilled.

But I'm not bitter.

Not even when the Discovery Channel stopped the game to interview each of their all male players about the 'rigors' of non-competitive, co-ed softball leagues. Not even when the TV crews actually stood on our equipment bags to get a better camera angle.....Not even when they brought in homeless people to run the bases for them because "It's just too hot out to do it ourselves. And besides, we have to rest up. We play the Yankees again tomorrow...they asked for a rematch."

We did not win.

But we made the finals and we had a great time. And......we got to snag some of their Gatorade while they were refueling their private jet........

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