Israel 2016

Israel 2016
Roman architectural influence in Bet Sean, Israel

Monday, July 28, 2008

My Wife Writes a Song....For Me!

I was thrilled when Kelly told me she wrote a song for me. My mind immediately went to songs like 'Your Song', 'We've Only Just Begun', 'My Heart Will Go On'. You know, sweet, melodic tunes to the nobility of our love.

I had visions of Kelly standing on a huge stage, in the middle of a single spotlight, backed up by the Philadelphia Symphony and the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir as her voice soared, the symphony orchestra crescendo-ed, people wept and babies listened on in silent wonder.....all in a beautiful and inspiring tribute to her love!

Then I read the lyrics. It was actually a song to my evil twin and alter ego:


I'm Grand Pastor K,

I got a lot to say,

Hey, Yo, yea, Hey Yo!

So sit in yo pew

Yea, I'm talking to you!

Hey, Yo, yea Hey Yo!

When we done busting our books

We'll go get us some looks

Hey, Yo, I said, Hey, Yo!

'cause I'll be wearing my hat

in my big fat Cadillac

I said, Hey Yo! Hey Yo!

KMK (c) 2008 :)

Somehow, I don't theink the Philadelphia Symphony will be interested. We're still waiting to hear from the Brooklyn Tabernacle choir, though :)

I just gotta get a new alter ego..............

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