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Sabbatical 2017
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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

5 Fundamental Truths About the Church

This from John MacArthur, each point near and dear to my heart:

Have you ever noticed how different the individual members of the same family can be? One child may be melancholy while another is a live wire. One may be especially gifted in music, and another, who has no interest in music, may excel in sports. In some cases they look nothing like each other or even their parents. Yet the members of a family share a bond stronger than their differences.

In the same way, within the Body of Christ churches develop their own unique personalities. Some may insist on formal worship services, while others thrive in a relaxed atmosphere. But the most important thing about a church isn’t the superficial things that make it different, but what it has in common with other Christian assemblies.

There are certain truths—fundamental doctrines—that every true church is committed to. These doctrines are unalterable; they cannot be compromised in any way. They are non-negotiable. Yield on any one point, and the church ceases to be a church. Here are five foundational truths that distinguish all authentic churches.

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1 comment:

  1. I was thinking just yesterday that husbands and wives can be sooo different. When we focus on our differences, we are being selfish and forget that God has made us one. We should remember our similarities outweigh our differences, if we are in Him.

    His desire for His church is similar. He wants us to be one in Him. When we focus on our own needs, we miss the glorify Him. Ouch! I'm preaching to myself.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, dear pastor.

    the pastor's wife