Sabbatical 2017

Sabbatical 2017
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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Newcomer's Fellowship and Other News

We had a Newcomer's Fellowship and Dessert at Andy and Laurie Ward' home this evening. Laurie hosted while waiting for Andy to get home later this evening. Bob and Carla were there as was Ron and Robin Scruggs.

We spent the evening grazing on yummy desserts and snacks and getting to know two new couples:

Ron and Lisa Spencer from Gainesville

John and Jennifer Burke from Warrenton

These gathering are always interesting and fun. We shared testimonies, asked and answered questions and just enjoyed each other's fellowship. The kids played, the rains came and we were blessed by an evening of getting to know some new friends.

Much thanks to Laurie and Andy for making their home available for these gatherings!

As those of you who sit in the Amen Section know, our TV monitor in that area has been giving us problems. A generous family in the church has stepped forward with a gift of a new 42" flat panel TV that will replace the dying 32" TV we're now using. We're excited about the new TV and are considering placing it in a different location, maybe in the middle of the wall between the sanctuary and the Amen section. If you have input on this, let us know.

We had the opportunity last week to speak with a firm that specializes in church furniture. A rep came in and did a presentation on pews. It looks like we may be able to get new pews for the Sanctuary AND the Amen section for what we thought we would pay for just the Sanctuary. Later this week, we will contact a carpet firm to get an idea how much carpeting will be. Hopefully, we will have a proposal to place before the congregation later this summer.

Now is the time to begin praying for Steve and Betty Aiello as they begin preparing for their Precepts Missions trip to Molodova!

We welcomed 6 new brothers and sister into membership at WBF this morning. That's a total of 8 in the last month. God is good!

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