Israel 2016

Israel 2016
Roman architectural influence in Bet Sean, Israel

Friday, July 13, 2007

Ruth and Todd arrive tomorrow

We're looking forward to seeing them. Ruth doesn't know the gender of the baby yet but will after they get back. We'll pick them up at the airport in Wilmington tomorrow afternoon.

We've had just enough rain to keep things interesting. We've enjoyed sitting around the condo when it was raining and really enjoyed sitting out on the beach when it wasn't. There were some awesome waves yesterday and we had a lot of fun; Kelly expertly riding them and me getting smacked in the face and chest by the bigger ones. I'm just not a 'wave runner', I'm more of a 'wave tumbler'.

We decided to go for a power walk along the beach a few nights ago. It was a learning experience for my tender feet. I woke up with blisters in the bottoms of my feet the next day! Just about the time I was feeling like a complete idiot for not wearing shoes, I was down at the pool and noticed a young girl walking by on her tiptoes. I asked her what happened to her feet and she said, "I went walking along the beach and must have scraped my feet. I have blisters." A few minutes later, an older guy walked by on his tiptoes. I asked him too. "My wife and I went exercising on the beach last night and I got blisters!" Apparently 'beach blisters" are neither age nor gender sensitive. We're all naive in the ways of the beach! Now I see all these people walking around on their tiptoes like we're all aspiring ballerinas.

Kelly has been reading a Dee Henderson book and has just started John MacArthur's "Twelve Extraordinary Women". I've been reading "The Bourne Betrayal" a spy novel and "The Truth War" by MacArthur. I hope to get through "Simple Church" by Thom Rainer and Eric Geiger next week. Scott Heine recommended this book to me and I'm eager to see what it says about maintaining focus in ministry.

I've had the joy of working on my next sermon without facing a deadline. Before we return to 1 Corinthians, we're going to pause and take a close look at the Holy Spirit, an integral part of the remaining chapters of 1 Corinthians. I'm looking forward to sharing my studies with you.

Our time has been relaxing and refreshing. It's been a real blessing to slow down for a bit. All of you are in our thoughts and prayers!

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  1. I thought I add a bit of a disclaimer. I finished my light reading of Henderson's "The Negotiator", realizing even Christian fluff doesn't fill, so I chose MacArthur's book "12 Extraordinary Women". I've made it through 2 women, Eve and Sarah, both of whom were incredibly human! To see how God viewed them (with great love and mercy AND that He used them despite their failings) gives me GREAT encouragement. I'm also enjoying the daily devotional by Charles Spurgeon, "Strengthen My Spirit" along with my bible reading. May your spirit be strengthened and encouraged in Christ today as He loves you! Blessings, KK